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Announcing our 2020-2021 Season!
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Harriet Tubman: Straight Outta' the Underground

September 8 - June 30, 2021
Harriet Tubman: Straight Outta’ the Underground

Join us as TCT brings the past to the present in a one-woman storytelling experience. Uncover truths about America’s 200-year-old struggle with slavery. On this journey, you’ll follow storyteller, Brandi Langford-Sherrill, as Harriet Tubman: the most recognized conductor of The Underground Railroad.

The Velveteen Rabbit

November 19 - May 31, 2021
The Velveteen Rabbit

Margery Williams’ classic tale of a toy rabbit made real by a child’s love. Directed by Roderick Justice, this holiday musical captures the joy & magic of the book you know & love and adds a computerized twist. This happy (and hoppy) show will get the entire family into the spirit of the season.

Martin's Dream

January 4 - June 30, 2021
Martin’s Dream

Martin’s Dream brings a historical figure to life through the power of story, speech and song. Created and performed by Deondra Kamau Means, this one-man show explores the real person behind the pictures: a funny intelligent, passionate man whose faith, family and education made him one of the most revered people in our nation’s history.

Jaqueline and the Beanstalk

January 4 - June 30, 2021
Jaqueline and the Beanstalk

Girls are often stereotyped, but Jacqueline will climb to great lengths to prove them wrong! Up the beanstalk she goes - shattering stigma to discover it wasn’t because she was less capable, but because she was made to believe so. This one-woman show is important to see - not because it’s a unique tale, but because it’s not.

Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude

January 28 - February 14, 2021
Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude

The musical adaptation of everyone’s favorite sarcastic tubby tabby, Garfield, who awakens to find his birthday – the most important day of the year – has fallen on a Monday. The horror!

Rapunzel's Hairy Fairy Tale

March 4 - May 31, 2021
Rapunzel’s Hairy Fairy Tale

The exciting world-premiere adaptation of a classic tale, featuring everyone’s favorite long-locked lady in a tower. Don’t forget the other characters, comically played by only two actors! You’ll throw your head of hair back in laughter as they untangle this hairy fairy tale like you’ve never seen before.


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